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Wellness Survival Kit

Wellness Survival Kit

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Wellness Survival Kit

Prioritize your wellness daily, even when you’re not fully “on point” with your health choices that day!  With our Wellness Survival Kit, we include three essential supplements that are each designed to keep you at your best, especially when healthiest choices aren’t top of mind. 

Each product in this collection mitigates the downsides of gluten, sugar, inflammatory foods, alcohol, excess carbohydrates, and toxins. Here at DETOXDaily we want you to prioritize healthy habits so you can reduce inflammation and heal your body.  We also want to provide you with the tools in your pocket to help support your body while eating those cookies, having those skinny margaritas, or enjoying that fresh scooped ice-cream cone.  No stress, guilt, or shame either way, but with the Wellness Survival Kit you can be sure you’re giving your body an extra boost of digestive and detoxifying goodness. 

Our supplements are packed with potent ingredients in their most active forms for quick and efficient absorption. Backed by science and developed with the highest quality standards, you can trust in our expertise, knowledge, and research to deliver an exciting improvement in your health and vitality!

DETOXDaily’s Wellness Survival Kit Includes:

Dual Phase Detox: Dual Phase Detox isn’t just a supplement; it's an essential component of your wellness journey! Even with the most non-toxic lifestyle, it’s impossible to completely avoid exposure 100% of the time. There are toxins in the air, water, furniture, or when we travel that we simply can’t avoid.  That’s why regularly detoxifying every 3 months is a must! 

Dual Phase Detox is specially formulated to support both Phase 1 and Phase 2 detox pathways, enhancing your body's natural ability to detoxify and rid itself of toxins, debris, sluggish fat cells, and more. This is a mandatory tool for staying vibrant, energetic, fit, balanced, and healthy long term!

Easy To Use: Just take 1 serving daily until your 2-week supply (aka one bottle) runs out. Remember, consistency is key, so keep the detox going every 3 months!  Or, you can take here and there whenever you feel you need a good detox that day.  It doesn’t make you go to the restroom, it pulls out and flushes toxins from your body in a powerful way without cramping you up or you really noticing other than the many positive benefits you’ll feel!

Burn + Metabolize: Burn + Metabolize is formulated with a premium blend of 5 key ingredients designed to support healthy blood sugar and insulin function after a big meal. It combats insulin spikes and blood sugar crashes, which can cause weight gain and hormone imbalance…not to mention make you feel irritable, anxious, and just not your best.  Burn + Metabolize is your go-to for avoiding the dreaded grogginess, energy slumps, and bloat after indulging in carb- and sugar-heavy meals!

Easy To Use: Simply take 1 serving before a heavy meal, and let Burn + Metabolize do its thing! Who doesn’t want to burn & metabolize better?!  You’ll absolutely want to add this to your cart.

Gluten Block: Stop gluten from giving you grief! Our Gluten Block is formulated with proprietary blends of enzymes, prebiotics, and probiotics to break down gluten proteins for those with gluten sensitivities or on gluten-free diets. Consider this your extra layer of security during those moments when avoiding gluten might be challenging! Like when you’re eating out at a restaurant and you’re not totally confident that the waitress actually knows whether the meal you ordered is truly gluten free. Or if you’re worried about cross contamination. Or maybe you knowingly eat gluten for whatever reason (no judgment here!) and want to lessen the negative effects it may otherwise cause for you, Gluten Block is your new bff!

Easy To use: Take 1 pill before a meal if you know (or even suspect) it contains gluten. In less than 60 minutes it starts attacking and breaking down gluten chains, preventing the uncomfortable reactions and inflammation you want to avoid! 

Save 15% when you bundle all 3 supplements!

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